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Frequently Asked Questions

Charging via Mobile Application

How can I start and end my charging using the Wattreise mobile app?
You can easily start and end your charging process via the Wattreise mobile application, by logging in to your user account and selecting a charging station. The app gives you instant information about the charging process.

Finding Charging Stations

How can I find available charging stations in the Wattreise network?
You can see the location and status of the charging stations closest to you via the Wattreise mobile application or by using the map tool on our website. You can also access detailed information about the stations.

Charging History

How can I view my past charging transactions via the Wattreise mobile app?
From the 'Past Transactions' section in the application, you can see all the recharge transactions you have made in the past and access their details.
Charging Time
How long does it take to fully charge my electric vehicle at Wattreise stations?
Charging time varies depending on your vehicle model and battery capacity. Typically, you can charge your vehicle up to 80% in about 30 minutes at our DC fast charging stations. This time may be longer at AC charging stations.

Charging Methods

What are the different charging methods at Wattreise stations and the differences between these methods?
Wattreise offers both AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) charging stations. While AC charging is generally completed at lower power and takes longer, DC charging provides higher power and faster charging.
Charging Safety
Is it safe to charge at Wattreise stations if the charging cable gets wet, the vehicle is in a puddle or in the rain?
Yes, Wattreise charging stations are protected against water and weather conditions. All necessary precautions have been taken against any security risks that may occur during charging.
After Full Charge
Should I immediately unplug the charger from the Wattreise station when my battery is fully charged?
Yes, it is best to unplug the charger when your battery is fully charged. This helps maintain the health of your battery and makes the station available for other users.
Battery Charge Level
Do I always need to charge my electric vehicle's battery to 100% capacity?
It is not always necessary to charge to 100% capacity. Many electric vehicle manufacturers recommend charging between 80% and 90% to extend the life of the battery. You can get more detailed information from your vehicle manufacturer.
App Download
How can I download the Wattreise app?
To download the Wattreise application to your smartphone or tablet, you can visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can find our application by searching for "Wattreise" in the application store and download it to your device for free. After the download and installation process is completed, you can start using it immediately by opening the application and completing the necessary registration procedures.
Credit Card Security
Is it safe to keep my credit card defined in the Wattreise application?
Yes, the security of your credit card information in the Wattreise application is of the utmost importance to us. Your credit card information is stored by Masterpass, which provides a secure payment infrastructure. Masterpass is protected by the latest security protocols and encryption standards, so you can be assured of the security of your payment information. Our app uses Masterpass' advanced security measures to securely process users' payment information, and this information is not shared with third parties.

Invoice Transactions

How can I invoice for my Wattreise recharge services?
Billing transactions for your Wattreise recharge services can be easily carried out through your user account. In our application or in your user panel on our website, you can view the details of your recharge transactions and download the relevant invoices. If you want to forward your invoice to a corporate or other billing address, you can edit this information in your account settings. Additionally, if you have any invoice-related questions or special requests, you can contact our customer service.
Business Partnership Opportunities
What are the partnership opportunities with Wattreise and how can I benefit from these opportunities?
As Wattreise, we attach great importance to expanding our business partnership and cooperation opportunities. Our business partnership opportunities and details will be published on our application and website very soon. Interested businesses and potential partners can follow us for up-to-date information.
Fleet Management Solutions
What solutions do you offer for fleet management as Wattreise and how can I benefit from these services?
As Wattreise, we work on various management and charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets. Details about our fleet management services and how you can use these services will be available in our application and website very soon. Businesses that want to benefit from these services can follow us for the most up-to-date information.

Everything you need to charge your electric vehicle at Wattreise!

  • With the app you can view the nearest stations with our fast (DC) or standard (AC) charging units.
  • It can monitor the time remaining until the charge is complete,
  • You can have information about current tariff prices and many other topics.
Wattreise Mobil Uygulama
Wattreise Mobil Uygulama
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